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What is Poor Communication Costing your Team?

Poor communication costs businesses millions of dollars due to low productivity, conflict, and sta turnover. To be able to do any kind of work together, we need to communicate. We need to learn the skills to be understood and to understand what is being said to us. Any breakdown in communication can have significant costs to your business. The wrong product shipped to the client, a disagreement between two team members due to a misunderstanding, colleagues who don’t trust each other, feelings that are hurt, a team member being told the wrong thing… All these can occur as a result of a problem in communication and hurt the reputation of your brand. The costs are quantifiable, too. The Holmes Report reviewed 400 corporations and found that in the largest corporations in the U.S. and the U.K., the price for communication barriers were around $62 million in productivity in each corporation. If your business involves more than one person, in any capacity, whether as an employee or a client, you need to be able to communicate effectively. Communication allows you to engage people and build strong relationships. Ineffective communication is harmful to your business… Let’s take a look!


Time Loss – communication breakdowns lead to significant time losses, during which the client might as well take their business elsewhere. Time losses are often a consequence of miscommunication.

Disputes and conflicts – Workplace conflicts can result in absenteeism and people leaving their job. In fact, according to research, up to 50% of the reason people leave their job is due to disputes and conflict.


Low employee engagement and productivity –Communication breakdowns force people to give their time and attention to fixing the errors that should never have happened in the first place. Poor communication often leads to presenteeism where employees are at work but they are not fully present, engaged and unified as a team. Poor communication causes frustration and stress.

Project failure – Poor communication, if it’s not detected on time, can lead to project failure. When a mistake is made early in the process and never caught, and thus the project continues on a faulty base.


Decreased revenue – According to The Holmes Report – corporations with leaders identified as highly effective communicators had up to 47% more returns to shareholders within a five year time span when compared to the corporations with the least effective communicators at the helm. Simply put – good communication pays.

Unsafe and unhealthy work environments –Poor communication contributes to unsafe and unhealthy work environments. Employees need to clearly understand what is expected of them and they want to be on a healthy cohesive team that is working together. Poor communication can lead to a lack of trust, low‘company buy in’, issues with occupational health and safety and more.


Every Team’s Big Need

Do you sense that communication styles and differences contribute to problems in your work place? Today the workplace is filled with people with diversity in age, cultural backgrounds, personal values, communication preferences and more. We speak to employers from all types of industries that exclaim that it’s difficult to find committed, capable and character-centred employees. Some employees say that their boss or managers are not ethical or that they lack character as well. Character trumps a person’s education, charisma, social standing, skills and even authenticity.

Six Figure Start in New York is an executive recruitment company and they are one of our clients. Co-founder Connie Thanasoulis-Cerrachio has hired thousands of people at all levels for organisations such as Citigroup, Pfizer and Merrill Lynch and she told us what her criteria is for hiring. Connie said that she would aim her interviews to ask questions that would help her learn about the person’s character. She says that she always hires character over skill.Individual’s positive, productive communication styles and character qualities attract others to them. This is great for team culture. However, individual’s negative non-productive communication styles and character qualities can either repel people away from them or attract other negative or unhealthy people to them. This can contribute to the toxicity of your team culture. Every team’s big need is to develop character-centred-communication.

Blanket Solutions Don’t Work With Communication

You can find many general tools that work on improving communication. They offer some solutions that can be effective for some people but not everyone. They don’t especially help resolve conflicts between contrasting communication styles. These tools fall short when they simply prescribe what is happening and then they offer a blanket solution, like using a general script to communicate to introverted or extraverted people on a team. Why is this less effective Everybody is different. What works for one individual may not work for another team member. Forcing everybody to adopt a specfic communication approach can backfire and make some communication issues worse or create resentment among those team members who don’t feel that their communication style is being respected. Other tools focus only on identifying different personalities but don’t provide enough practical tools and they aren’t sufficiently applicable.
The Holmes Report: total estimated cost of employee misunderstanding (including actions or errors of omission by employees who have misunderstood or weremisinformed about company policies, business processes, job function or a combination of the three) in 100,000-employee companies, among 400 surveyedcorporations in the U.S. and U.K. (average cost per company is $62.4 million per year) 2. $26,041: cumulative cost per worker per year due to productivity lossesresulting from communications barriers 3. Companies that have leaders who are highly effective communicators had 47% higher total returns to shareholdersover the last five years compared with firms that have leaders who are the least effective communicators’ – The Holmes Report

This Breakthrough Corporate Training proprietary course will include the following outcomes for your team:

• Learn effective communication with your management, peers, teams and clients.
• Discover healthier ways to resolve conflicts and connect with your co-workers.
• Develop communication intelligence skills.
• Become aware of your communication weaknesses and turn these into strengths.
• Increase the bottom line because your team will be empowered with the Life Languages™ System

You may have heard of profiles or assessments which tell you about your personality. Life Languages™ is a unique and different profile that gives you a comprehensive picture of who you are and how you communicate, act, and behave. This profile does not single you out into one of 4 quadrants or one of 16 styles but rather expresses how we are all wired with 7 Life Languages™ at varying levels. Each of these 7 Life Languages™ highlights positive communication skills as well as areas for personal growth. The Kendall Life Languages™ Profile is both diagnostic and prescriptive. It diagnoses your passions, strengths, fluencies and possible weaknesses. You and your participants will gain an almost immediate self-awareness and others-awareness. Now let’s take a quick look at the 7 Life Languages™.

The Life Languages™ Communication Breakthrough Workshop

Life Languages™ plays a role in transforming relationships and workplace culture. This workshop is based on character–centred-communication, which aims to help you and your team communicate more effectively. It will reveal your communication strengths and challenges, and help you build healthy and cohesive teams while maximizing your organisation vitality. This will lay a foundation for culture change. Each person will complete their Life Languages™ profile online and they will receive a 20+ page in-depth report. Your leadership team will receive a Life Languages™ culture map with group reports and leadership data that will be useful in driving culture change.

Answer the Filters

Each Life Language™ has a filter that screens incoming communication. This filter determines the receiver’s response or reaction.

Meet the Needs

Each Life Language™ has a unique need that it wants met from others. Knowing our own needs and meeting the needs of others is essential.

Drive the Passion

Each Life Language™ has a passion that drives, motivates, and gives direction to their every thought, word, and interaction with others.

Validate the Character

Each Life Language™ has many character strengths but there is one unique strength. We want to validate the character in others.

Half Day or One Full Day Training

Scott and Nicole Epp lead this workshop in a dynamic and interactive style. Introducing the Life Languages™ will be the starting point. In a fun environment, everyone will learn more about themselves and the 7 Life Language™. We teach and coach in an engaging way using stories, music, visuals, and humour. There will be an opportunity for application and a specific session on understanding your personal Life Languages™ profile and how to go through your team member’s communicational filter, to meet their need, drive their passion and validate their character.

Each person will receive a Life Languages™ Profile code which they take online prior to the workshop. Once they have completed their profile they will receive, by email, their personal results along with their 20+ pages personal report, which they should read before they attend this course. Your designated Leader(s) will receive a comprehensive team culture report.
We will also give you a Communication IQ book – by Fred and Anna Kendall. On the day of the course each person will receive a workbook to take notes. This workshop can be adapted to target specific needs that you may have with your team. Scott and Nicole are flexible in leading the workshop over a 1/2 day, 1 day, or 2 days.


• SESSION 1 – Life Languages™ Introduction, Understanding your Life Languages™ Profile and Kinetic Life Languages™• Morning Tea• SESSION 2 – Emotive Life Languages™
• Lunch• SESSION 3 – Cognitive Life Languages™• Afternoon Tea• SESSION 4 – Communication Breakthrough and Rising above Distress and Chronic Patterns. This session can be customised for your group (it could include; skits, activations, videos, games, roll-plays and coaching.)

Training Options

1/2 Day: The Life Languages™ Communication Breakthrough Course© – Abridged Version.
1 Day: The complete Life Languages™ Communication Breakthrough Course© (includes fun team building activities)
2 Days: The Life Languages™ Communication Breakthrough Course© Level 2 (Only available after Level 1.)
12-Month Programme: Team communication and culture transformation over 12-months.

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12-Month Communication and Culture Transformation

Many teams will want more than a single workshop. If you are looking to transform your team culture we offer you this comprehensive programme for your organisation and teams. We will provide a full team culture and communication map and build a customised pathway for your 12-month journey with our training and coaching team.

Although this programme is customisable we have a few suggestions that are proved to lead to the culture transformation your team needs. This will include foundational 7 Life Languages™ workshops, and in-depth character and communication workshops. We will include conflict resolution/leadership development workshops and specialised one-on-one communication coaching with your leaders and participants. Your Managers and Leaders will become absorbed in Life Languages™ and the breadth of skills we provide. We will certify your HR Manager(s) or preferred Manager(s) to become certified to coach with the Life Languages™ and lead internal workshops. At the end of the 12-months, your team will be equipped with the Communication Culture Transformation Programme© and your intercompany communication and culture will be transformed. Enquire to nd out more about The 12-month Communication Culture Transformation Programme© (This Programme can be delivered in 3 or 6 months as well.) This in-depth programme will transform your team culture,character, and communication through one-on-one coaching, group training, and ongoing support.

We have found that amazing content delivered with passion in a lively and engaging way boosts employee morale, retention and overall workplace satisfaction. Breakthrough Corporate Training has a strategic partnership with Transfor Me and combined, we have over 70,000 hours of coaching/mentoring/training experience in organisations around the world since 2009. See some of our combined clients below. Our goal is to go over and above with our training by providing 2 or more trainers where possible. We aim to spend 50 – 75% of our time applying the learning. We don’t offer every type of corporate training course but we are great at delivering the courses that we do offer. So give us a call or get an instant quote today. Find our details on the last page.

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