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Instead of New Years' Resolutions - Get Consistent Results with your ONE Commitment for 2023!


ONE Commitment for the Year Course

Enrol in the ONE Commitment for the Year Course for only $49


What is your ONE Commitment for the Year?

Hi, my name is Scott Epp and I am the creator of this course. My wife Nicole and I are also the founders of Abundance Coaching. Since 2009 I have devoted my career path to inspire and empower 1000s of people to be their authentic amazing best. In the last 8 years, I have led this course and process with dozens of one-on-one clients and I want to share with you how beneficial it is in our new and improved online course. Your ONE Commitment is a way to make a real change in your life this year. Wanting to change and improve is an expression of self-love and self-acceptance. Think about the abundance, satisfaction, health benefits and love you could give yourself and others when you get radical results with one empowering word or theme this year!

What do you want to change in 2023?

Every New Year millions of people around the globe scramble to come up with new goals and new resolutions. I'm sure that you have a change you would like to make this year as well. However, would you say that resolutions have worked for you in the past? This is your year to get real results!

Honestly, most people (myself included) would say "no" resolutions usually end up in a bitter taste of failure and a sense of defeat come February, at the latest. However, this doesn't mean that changes cannot be made. In fact, you can make the changes you want in your life. All you need is the right strategy and the right tools.

We offer you a way to do just that, a simple strategy that will get you consistent results throughout the year.

Get Consistent and Authentic Results!

Enrol in the ONE Commitment for the Year Course for only $49


As you look back at your last year - were there significant challenges that you faced?

I've been there too. Life can be busy, crazy and chaotic at times. There are competing forces at play that can leave us confused, frustrated or even heartbroken. This is compounded when we know we aren't living the life we had envisioned.

Maybe your 2022 was filled with hurts, obstacles and/or challenges as a result of the pandemic or other factors. I hope to be an epic encourager and a beacon of light in your life. 


This is the 8th year I chose ONE Commitment. In 2022 my ONE Commitment was 'Rhythms' and I know in my spirit that it is the theme that is right for me this year. I chose 'Rhythms' as my ONE Commitment theme because it matches the stage of life that I'm in with the passion and flare that I have for music. I have written and composed new songs that will be released as Epic Orchestral music and spoken word music next year and in years to come. I want to be more aligned with the rhythms of God's heart and I have been. 'Rhythms' have helped me get the right balance of action, emotion, and thinking in my routines and systems.  What a combination and the year has just begun! I'm sure you can see the power already that ONE Commitment could have in your life! 

Why We Made This Course!

We made this ONE Commitment for the Year Course because it's a process that is simple and effective. It started with the desire and hope in mind that people would finally have a way forward by having a proven process to find and consistently stay committed to a theme that really matters to them for the year. By simplifying down to one theme you aren't eliminating goals. In fact, you continue with any goals setting structures that you may already be doing. Setting goals and progressing is something that I teach my clients to do as a lifestyle - not as a once-a-year type of thing.

The difference though is that you will be consistently committing to ONE major theme for the year. You will grow and develop in this overarching area and it will overflow into every facet of your life. Pretty neat eh.

Your Invitation

  • I invite you to join me on this exciting experience. 
  • I invite you into a journey of being supported and encouraged as you pursue a new life path. 
  • I invite you to forget your New Years Resolutions and try something that works. 
  • I invite you to awaken yourself to a simple and focused process.
  • I invite you to choose 'ONE.'

What is your ONE Commitment for 2023?

What ONE word or theme is right for you this year? This ONE Commitment can transform your year. 

Think of it this way. I will give you the proven strategy to find your ONE Commitment and stay committed to it for the year! Enrol in the ONE Commitment for the Year Course for only $49

Get Consistent and Authentic Results!

Enrol in the ONE Commitment for the Year Course for only $49

22 Training Videos

As you look back at your last year - were there significant challenges that you faced?

Responsive to play on any device. Scott will lead you through each video, encouraging and inspiring you along the way. You will also learn more behind the scene's stories and strategies.

With 22 high-value training videos, you will quickly and easily navigate through your course.  

Your ONE Commitment Toolkit!

Your ONE Year Workbook and Journal. This Workbook and Journal is a fillable PDF or it can be printed. It offers you one place to type or write all of your notes as it is synchronized with your online course. You will also get Your Monthly A9 Goal Sheets© Book with your course. This easy to use printable or fillable PDF book will help you stay on track with your ONE Commitment for 12 months. You will get your Activation Statement, Epic Words List, Abilities Discovery Tool, Quick Access Guide, reflection questions throughout the course and more! You will be able to access your tools right away or in the Lesson where you learn how to use them. You have a course that sets you up to succeed!

Your Simple Step by Step Process

8 Modules and 25 Step by Step Lessons to speed you through finding, activating, and using goal sheets and tools, staying accountable and succeeding with your ONE Commitment for the Year. Scott and his team spent days in the recording and production studio to produce high-quality videos to guide you through this course in a simple and flowing way. Scott will share stories and teach you with inspiration as you journey through this course. You can easily pause and resume your course at any time!

Proven Success

The ONE Commitment for the Year is now in its 9th year of successful transformation with many people receiving radical results. Shorter versions of this course have been refined, researched, and tested to bring it to this updated 2023 version that you receive today. Scott's previous 'ONE Commitment for the Years’ have been; 'Thankful' (2014), 'Epic' (2015), 'Discipline' (2016), 'Finish' (2017), Abundance (2018) 'Surrender' (2019), 'Activate' (2020), 'Courage' (2021) and Scott's ONE Commitment is 'Rhythms' in 2022. With over 10,000 hours of Professional Coaching experience, Scott specializes in empowering and inspiring people to be their authentic amazing best! Scott is a Spirit-filled, visionary man and his values form the foundation of this course. He will be your epic encourager along the way. You will achieve so much this year.

Lets Do This Together!

You are here because you want a change in your life and most likely you haven't found much success with New Years Resolutions. So, let's start something new that will last! Let Scott guide you through an inspiring process where you get to experience support and encouragement as you find and activate success with your ONE main theme for the year. Sure, you will be pursuing other commitments and goals through the year. Let's get you consistent and overwhelming success with your ONE word/theme for your year!

Get Consistent and Authentic Results!

Enrol in the ONE Commitment for the Year Course for only $49

Phil Mullins

"I have witnessed Scott's evolution of his ONE Commitment for the Year course as this is my forth year that I will be taking it. It is gotten better and better with the new tools especially the Monthly A9 Goal sheet. Scott has a great system to find your theme for the year and he is a great encourager to keep me on track with it. My One Commitments of Devotion in 2015, Breakthrough in 2016, Balance in 2017, Connection 2018 and Expansion 2019. I have really changed my life and I now talk about and think about these 3 themes in a new and enlightened way. I'm definitely excited to check out this new version online too. Scott has been a super supportive and inspiring coach and friend. I highly recommend that you check out his course."

Kimmie Wong

"I highly recommend this course! Scott is a highly skilled coach who truly cares about his clients. He speaks to you directly in his videos, much like he is coaching you personally. The course is simple to follow and is very thoroughly put together, providing everything you need possible to succeed, from power habit tips, audio motivation, goal sheets, and accountability, just to name a few. Where it shines first and foremost is helping you to place your focus on a ONE commitment for the year that will drive your commitment to goals set for the year; that’s what makes it powerful. I look forward to what the New Year will bring after implementing Scott and the course’s suggestions with my ONE Commitment of ‘Courage.’"

Harsh Singh

"Scott is a great speaker and hearing his own stories and previous 'one commitments' really inspires you to stay on your journey, knowing if you work hard and stay focussed, you can achieve excellent results. I have already seen transformational results with my previous ‘one commitments’ of ‘abundance’ and ‘relentless’ as I gained residency, major career success and I got married. This is an excellent course and gives effective tools to help people stay on their path. I found the 7 Power Habits especially effective as a roadmap to keep on the path to achieving the goals as well as the A9 goal sheets which give an effective way to set out your steps to success on a page and remain accountable to yourself. This provide an easy resource to look at every morning to ensure your one commitment is at the forefront of your mind."

Will Tran

"This ONE Commitment has been the overarching theme in my life over the last 5 years. My 2022 theme of 'Gear Shift' has motivated me to look at my profession, business and life from the vantage point of shifting gears and it's been a great theme for me. Previously my theme was 'Bloom' and it was been key in me looking at emotional intelligence in a new way. It opened me up to see flowers bloom and relate that to how I ‘bloom’ in all areas of my life. Another year, finding 'The Slight Edge' as my ONE Commitment helped me make incremental improvements in myself, my work, and my fitness including my triathlons. It still helps me as I now focus 'The Slight Edge' on researching, reading books and improving on the relationship front. As a husband, I am making definite improvements in my relationship. This also piggy backs my ONE Commitment from a previous year which was 'Happy Wife Happy Life.' Scott's strategies have helped me stay on track and make a real change in my life and I will keep up with this journey."

Mimi Vu

"I met Scott at a time when I was undergoing quite a few life changes – moving across three continents and countries, selling my property, taking a career break to travel and finding a new job… with more changes to come. Our work together involves a balanced mix of theory and practical tools (i.e. life languages, core values, ONE Commitment for the year, etc.) and good open conversations. My ONE Commitment of ‘Faith’ for this year has opened me up to see the possibilities and to trust even when I can’t see the answers ahead of me. I recommend Scott’s course and the simplicity of incorporating ONE Commitment in your life. Overall, I have had an amazing time working with Scott as my Life Coach too."

Get Consistent and Authentic Results!

Enrol in the ONE Commitment for the Year Course for only $49