We’ve all had times in our lives that we can think of where we’ve felt out of place or lost. Some people have had moments of anxiety over family matters, finances, our health, and many other matters. Fears of being rejected, losing control being overwhelmed or too tired or unqualified to complete the tasks in front of you are commonplace. Doubt and Hope get tangled up in the web of our lives and sometimes it seems like there is simply no way out.

Well, I’m sure some of the above resonates with you and let’s be honest, the list of our struggles could go on for pages. What I really want to get at today is this question.

When In The Midst of Life’s Dilemmas How Do We See Ourselves Through?

When I was young I owned a few rental properties and at times it seemed daunting when I thought about all the finances going out of my account to pay for all the bills for these houses. To boot I was renting houses as shared accommodation and it was common for tenants to be very transient. I recall one specific time that 3 out of 4 of my tenants in the house that I lived in gave notice to me all at the same time. I was wrecked. It turned out that all 3 of these tenants had become friends and it was convenient to just leave in October for each of them. Furthermore, October wasn’t the right time of year to rent out houses or so I thought. Back to school was in September and all the students would have found places by then. Well, that left me scrambling with the thought of my upcoming debts. I also dwelt on the fact that I thought these roommates where my friends had abandoned me all at once. I was hurt, shattered and a little immature about the situation.

A New Perspective

So what changed? Because let’s face it, in life we can change things or be changed by things. My perspective changed. I started to get past my hurt, annoyed feelings and started to think of things rationally from a business perspective. I persisted and advertise for new tenants and made sure I was available to show the house anytime. I also changed my attitude. I motivated myself with positive language and thoughts and it worked. I was inspired and hopeful that I would fill the house and I told myself that the bills really weren’t that big of an issue. In the end, I found 3 great tenants that I became good friends with. These roommates/renters were very instrumental in my life for that season. They were also good for renters and paid on time and my bills were never as dreary as I thought they were when I was in the midst of my struggle.

I’m sure that everyone reading this post can relate to a time where they were in the midst of struggles or trials and a change of perspective enabled them to be empowered and overcome their situation. This is the original post on our first website.


Reflect And Apply

What situation are you in the midst of today? Reflect on your situation. Stop what are you doing to sincerely think about who this situation is adversely affecting? Then think of how you can change your perspective in this situation. Also, think about the positive consequences that would come if you would change your perspective. Perspective Matters! How can you change yours?

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