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Jun 13, 2023
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In a world where stress and communication breakdowns have become increasingly prevalent, it is vital for individuals, couples, and families to master the art of effective communication. Scott and Nicole Epp, relationship and communication coaches at Abundance Coaching, understand the significance of this skill and have been using the Kendall Life Languages™ Profile (KLLP) as a powerful tool to help their clients improve their communication and enhance their relationships.

The Kendall Life Languages™ Profile, developed by Fred and Anna Kendall, has been widely embraced by organizations and individuals around the globe since 1985. Unlike other psychological, personality, or intelligence assessments, the KLLP is a communication analysis designed to reveal an individual's preferred communication style. By providing an in-depth 18-25-page report and personalized coaching sessions, the KLLP helps individuals discover the freedom of having all seven Life Languages™ and understand how they naturally flow in different levels and ways with each language.

The beauty of the Kendall Life Languages™ Profile lies in its diagnostic and prescriptive nature. It not only offers insightful self-discovery but also provides practical guidance for character-centered communication. By identifying an individual's communication strengths and weaknesses, the KLLP empowers them to become well-rounded communicators capable of fostering positive and meaningful connections.

What sets the Kendall Life Languages™ Profile apart from other assessments like Myers Briggs, Disc, or The Four Colours is that it avoids placing individuals in rigid boxes or providing one-dimensional descriptions. Instead, it acknowledges that every person possesses all seven Life Languages™ at varying levels. Scott and Nicole Epp delve deeply into each Life Language™, enabling individuals to gain a comprehensive understanding of their current communication patterns and empowering them to become exceptional communicators in all their relationships.

For those who are ready to improve their communication skills and witness significant improvements in their relationships, the Kendall Life Languages™ Profile is an invaluable resource. Scott and Nicole Epp, as Senior Life Languages™ Communication Coaches, have had extensive experience using this system since 2006. They have conducted numerous one-on-one and couples coaching sessions, helping clients unlock the power of Life Languages™, and trained leaders and teams worldwide.

The seven Life Languages™ identified in the KLLP revolve around three categories: Kinetic, Emotive, and Cognitive. Each language represents a unique communication style and is spoken with varying levels of effectiveness and intensity. These languages are Mover, Doer, Influencer, Responder, Shaper, Producer, and Contemplator.

Movers are dynamic individuals with a passion for innovation and a strong drive for action. They thrive in positions of leadership and enjoy taking risks.

Doers, on the other hand, are detail-oriented and reliable. They value finishing tasks and appreciate recognition for their efforts. They excel in administrative roles and behind-the-scenes work.

Influencers possess a personable and energetic communication style. They enjoy connecting with others and strive to create a positive and encouraging atmosphere.

Responders, characterized by their relational and emotional nature, prioritize unconditional acceptance and aim to please and protect others. They excel in caregiving and mentoring roles.

Shapers are goal-oriented individuals who value efficiency and results. They are excellent planners and leaders, ensuring that projects are executed with precision.

Producers are well-rounded and generous communicators, with a knack for managing resources and appreciating the efforts of others. They thrive in roles that involve financial planning and hospitality.

Contemplators, with their self-controlled and thoughtful approach, seek undivided attention and value personal space. They possess a loyalty and depth of thought that makes them great teachers, attorneys, researchers, and writers.

By understanding the intricacies of these Life Languages™, individuals gain insight into their own communication styles and preferences. They also learn how to

 recognize and adjust to others' languages, leading to more efficient and effective communication and fostering stronger relationships.

For couples seeking to enhance their relationships, Scott and Nicole Epp offer a specially tailored 2-hour coaching package. This package includes a couples Life Languages™ Coaching Session with Scott and Nicole, which incorporates two Life Languages™ Profiles. The session is perfect for pre-marriage coaching, marriage coaching, or any couple aiming to strengthen their bond. By completing the profiles, couples receive a personalized 15-25-page Life Languages™ Report, revolutionizing their understanding of themselves and their communication dynamics. With the guidance and support of Scott and Nicole Epp, couples can rapidly improve their communication skills and establish a solid foundation for a thriving relationship.

To embark on this transformative journey and unlock the power of effective communication, individuals and couples can take action by accessing a Life Languages™ Coaching Session with Scott and Nicole Epp through Abundance Coaching's website. The coaching session, available both online and in-person in Sydney, Australia, provides the opportunity to experience the profound impact of Life Languages™ firsthand. Find out more about The Kendall Life Languages Profiles and our Individuals and Couples Coaching Packages by going to:

The Kendall Life Languages™ Profile serves as the ultimate relationship and communication tool. With its diagnostic and prescriptive approach, it empowers individuals to become exceptional communicators by understanding their strengths and weaknesses in communication. Through the guidance of Scott and Nicole Epp, individuals, and couples can improve their relationships, foster deeper connections, and unlock the full potential of effective communication.

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