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What is your WHY?

Don’t worry if you don’t know the answer, or even if you don’t understand the question. Keep reading and you will.

The Power of WHY

We need to have a vision of the future so compelling that we can see it even more than anything presently in front of us.If you don’t have a compelling WHY, you will be swayed by life’s distractions. Worse yet, you may get lost in life’s abyss of responding to everything to everything around you.Life is too precious to let yourself simply exist – don’t trade your life in for less than you can be. I implore you to exert yourself and LIVE YOUR WHY!If your WHY is to just make more money, look deeper at the reasoning behind why you want to make more money. Attach to it on an emotional level, something that will keep the interest and rewarding.


The Day My WHY Became Important

My WHY started to matter when my son was born. Before I became a father, life was easy. I had success buying, selling and renting properties. I had friends and I was happy. I knew what interested me, and I had a vague vision of my life. But I hadn’t dug deep enough to find out what my WHY was.When I became a father, my life took on a new meaning. Things had shifted for me when I proposed to my wife, but my heart began to beat with resounding purpose on the day I became a father. Suddenly I was responsible for so much more than myself.As I drew closer to my inner self, I could no longer avoid the calling to my true purpose. My life changed again when I entered the Life Coaching profession. That passion awakened in me the knowledge, and inspiration, that the WHY was important, not only to me but to everyone. I began coaching people to be their best self so there can live with passion and have abundance in their life.My job as a coach essentially boils down to leading people to their WHY and helping them to live it. But, of course, that meant that I needed to know my WHY and live it first.

You already know when I discovered my WHY, but just what is my WHY?


The question of my WHY has been a place of deep contemplation for me. I tore books apart searching for an answer that made sense to me. I interviewed people who I thought had things figured out. As I looked deeper into relationships that I had, I was inspired (and sometimes jaded) as I realised that the people closest to me also struggled with the same question I did. The only difference I found was that most of the time those around me didn’t know they were searching for their WHY; they were just trying to figure life out and sometimes who to get out of the mess they made of their own life and the lives of others.

But then I discovered my WHY.

(And how to help other people discover theirs.)

My WHY? To have thousands of people experience life transformations and to have my voice be a catalyst for it.

My WHY is totally connected to me. It’s so connected that I am literally overflowing in this WHY, and I am taking responsibility for it. I am giving it 100% of my effort. I’m not stepping in 80%; I am stepping in 100%. I’ll give you everything that I can because I’ve been called to something special.

I have a passion for helping people transform their lives and to make massive changes in the world. And I can do that because I am completely connected with my WHY. When you connect to your WHY, you’ll be able to achieve your passions.

The WHY is so strong in me; it drives me every day to keep on going. Your WHY has to be important enough to connect with you in the same way.

Tool – Developing Your WHY

What’s your WHY? What compels you to get up and go to work each day, to do things you don’t want to, and to put up with your boss? Everyone needs some motivation to keep on track, and it has to be a strong image. What is yours? There is a Why Worth Living for YOU! The ‘WHY’ is essential the reason you are alive. You are created amazing and worthy of living the deepest desires of your heart. The video below is a speech that I presented where I taught the basics of ‘The Why Worth Living’ coaching tool that I have created. The ‘W’ for the Why is actually the first step of the 3 part ‘Why Worth Living’ coaching tool. The second step is the ‘H’ for the Why and it covers the ‘How’ and the third step is the ‘Y’ and it covers the steps to help you live your ‘WHY’ with abundance and passion. Today we will only focus on Step 1 – the ‘W’ for the Why. Watch my ‘The Why Worth Living’ speech to begin. After that, there will be one shorter video for you to watch before you answer questions in each section of your tool. If you can’t close your eyes and see your WHY in detail, now is a good time to get clarity. The first letter of the word WHY provides a clue for discovering your WHY: there are 5 points on the letter W, and there are 5 crucial points to discovering your WHY. You can work through these steps, just as you would write out the letter W – from point to point. but it’s called ‘The Why Worth Living Coaching Tool’