Life Languages™ Communication Breakthrough Course©


Scott and Nicole Epp are the Australia Senior Life Languages™ Communication Coaches and they want to help you breakthrough in your communication. When you attend this course/workshop you will grow in the following areas:

• Seeing Jesus as the centre of your communication
• Really understanding who you are
• Breakthrough in relationships at church and home
• Communicating comfortably and deepen your relationships
• Strengthening your communication weaknesses
• Rising above your distress and realise your personal and team potential

About Your Course Leaders

Scott and Nicole Epp believe relationships are sensational gifts from God. They are passionate about the church community growing in Godly character and healthy communication. As parents themselves to three young boys they desire to see families and marriages thrive in fluent communication. Scott and Nicole are the co-founders of Abundance Coaching, Breakthrough Corporate Training and Coachemy Academy. As the Australia Senior Life Languages™ Communication Coaches Scott and Nicole excel at revealing the 7 Life Languages™ with an in-depth understanding of this exceptional communication tool. They have grown in their knowledge of Life Languages™ since 2007. Scott is an award winning speaker and he has over 10,000 hours of professional one-on-one coaching experience. Combined, Scott and Nicole have led corporate and faith based workshops around the world bringing insight, warmth, passion and transformation to people as they understand who they are and how they can effectively communicate

“Communication is the key ingredient to an enriching and fulfilling life”

– Scott and Nicole Epp

About The 7 Life Languages™

Each of these 7 Life Languages™ highlights positive communication skills as well as areas for personal growth. Understanding these languages“switches on the lights” in communication.

The Life Languages™ profile has been taken over 225,000 times with people in over 100 countries around the world since 1985. You may have heard of profiles or assessments which tell you about your personality. Life Languages™ is a unique and different profile that gives you a comprehensive picture of who you are and how you communicate, act, and behave. This profile does not single you out into specific categories but rather expresses how each individual is wired with 7 Life Languages™ at varying levels. Life Languages™ is also founded on biblical truths by Fred and Anna Kendall and each of the 7 Life Languages™ corresponds to one of the gifts of the Father. Jesus communicated in all 7 Life Languages™ and demonstrated how to be in relationship with people in all situations.

About The Life Languages™ Communication Breakthrough Course©

Life Languages™ plays a role in transforming relationships and church culture. This course is based on character–centred-communication, which aims to help you and your team communicate more effectively. It will reveal your communication strengths and challenges, and help you build healthy and cohesive teams while maximizing your church vitality. This will lay a foundation for culture change within your leadership team and church. Each person will complete their Life Languages™ profile online and they will receive a 20+ page in-depth report. Your leadership team will receive a Life Languages™culture map with group reports and leadership data that will be useful in driving culture change.

Each person will learn how to communicate effectively through the Four Keys of Successful Communication:

One Full Day Training Proposal

This course/workshop is dynamic and engaging in style and presentation. It can be adapted to meet the needs of your church. Introducing the Life Languages™ as the tool for communication breakthrough will be the starting point. In a fun environment everyone will learn more about themselves and the 7 Life Languages™. We teach and coach in an engaging way using stories, music, videos, interaction and humour. There will be opportunity for application and a specific session on understanding your personal Life Languages™ profile and how to go through your other people’s communicational filter, to meet their need, drive their passion and validate their character.

Each person will receive a Life Languages™ Profile code which they take online prior to the course. Once they have completed their Profile they will receive, by email, their personal results along with their 20+ pages personal report, which they should read before they attend this course. On the day of the course each person will receive a workbook to take notes. Scott and Nicole are flexible in leading the course over 1 evening and 1 day, or 1 day. We also have a follow-up Level 2 course where we focus more on using Life Languages™ and building communication skills to strengthen relationships. Here is a brief example of how a 1 day course can look.

• SESSION 1 –      Life Languages™ Introduction, Understanding your Life Languages™ Profile and Kinetic Life Languages™• Morning Tea• SESSION 2 –      Emotive Life Languages™• Lunch• SESSION 3 –      Cognitive Life Languages™• Afternoon Tea• SESSION 4 –     Communication Breakthrough and Rising above Distress and Chronic Patterns. This session can be customised for your group (it could include; skits, activations, videos, games, roll-plays and coaching.)

Dates/Venue: As required. Typically this course is lead over a weekend at your church location

Duration: 1 Full Day or 1 Evening and 1 Full Day (this would include additional activation)

Participants: Church Leaders and/or entire communities

Leaders: Scott and Nicole Epp – Australia Senior Life Languages™ Communication Coaches

Marketing Materials

The following marketing materials will be provided to you to help your church promote this event.

• Soft copy of postcards with the event information for you to print and handout
• Soft copy of posters with the event information for you to print and display
• Video for your church announcements
• page so that you can collect ticket fees
• Gift from Abundance Coaching – Communication IQ book by Fred and Anna Kendall
Stuart and Lynley Allan are the Lead Pastors at Catch the Fire Auckland. They were looking for a solution to empower their church leaders in their communication and effectiveness. This is what they shared about Scott and Nicole after the course.

“We’ve just finished up doing a Life Languages™ Seminar with Scott and Nicole. It’s been fantastic and it’s so great to give the team a common language and a framework to work together, talk together and understand each other. The team just loved it, everyone is buzzing and saying ‘this is so worthwhile and it’s the best course like this that we’ve ever done.’It’s been really good feedback. I recommend these guys to you. They’re awesome!”

–Stuart Allan

“We had Scott and Nicole lead our church leadership team with Life Languages™ and it was so good for our team culture. Things have shifted even a few hours after the training where team members are really beginning to understand themselves and how they communicate. This is the bestinvestment that we have made with our team since planting our church. It’s so good for team unity…”

–Lynley Allan

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