When the world begins to spin around you, it can be hard to know where to turn, much less what to do. It feels like quicksand. The more you try to gain control, the more out of control life gets.  If you want to stop this cycle, you need to control your life. By making some changes based on your true values in life, you will be able to control your life in a way you never thought possible. Overcoming obstacles and reaching your life goals are attainable tasks when you are motivated by your deepest desires.

1. Stop Spinning Out of Control

The first thing that you can do to help start making some changes is to stop the spinning. When you are twirling out of control, there is nothing that anyone can do. It’s like a lifeguard trying to help someone who is drowning and flailing in the water. They are more likely to get hurt than save them because they are so out of control.

If you feel like your life is a complete wreck, and you may be, it is important to stop the panic. Take a deep breath or five deep breaths. When you are in a state of panic, you cannot hope to control your life or even make sense of your life goals and values in life. This makes it impossible to gain the control you desire.

2. Start Understanding your Values in Life

Once you can think clearly about yourself and your situation, you can begin to assess the situation and start making some changes. But how did you get into this situation in the first place? The answer is because you weren’t following what is most important to you. This makes motivation more difficult and success much less attainable. When you have stopped spinning out of control and can look clearly, look at yourself and ask – what do you value in life?

3. Align your Values in Life with your Life Goals

The next step in learning to control your life is to bring that new understanding of your values in life together with your life goals. When you start connecting your wants and desires with your values and principles, fireworks will start sparking. The attraction between these two is undeniable. If you want to find more purpose in life, start connecting your life goals and your core values in life.

4. Making Some Changes aren’t Easy

The process of stopping the out of control spinning, assessing, and then re-aligning your life goals isn’t simple. Thankfully, there is a help to be found at every turn. Abundance Coaching with a certified life coach, Scott Epp, has the support and motivation you need to control your life and help you understand your values in life and how they connect to your life goals.

5. Life Coaching can Really Help

When life throws lemons at you, you can’t always make lemonade. If you are still spinning out of control remember that life coaching can really help you recover the control you are looking for. Contact Scott Epp and his team of certified life coaches today for a free session.

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