What are Your Dreams

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What are Your Dreams


Dreams are one of the strongest forces that drive our lives. We all have our own completely unique dreams – dreams that affect everything we do and dreams that make us who we are. In life, we have two different types of dreams:

  • Dreams from Sleep – These are funny, sometimes silly dreams that we have every night when we go to bed. Dreams like a pink rhinoceros with a Mohawk playing guitar while reciting the National Anthem of Zimbabwe. These dreams are interesting and often meaningful, but they do not drive us in life.
  • Dreams of Life Purposes – These are our core goals in life. These are what drive us as people. These are our ambitions, our hopes, and our truest desires. Our dreams in life are the purest forms of who we wish to be. It is the latter that drives who we are in life. Our dreams in life are our truest, and real desires. They are the directions that we hope to follow, the person we hope to become, and the abundance we wish to have in our lives.

Apathy in Life

Cynicism and feelings of victimization have caused us to become apathetic in life. When things don’t go our way, we allow feelings of sadness to become feelings of apathy. The problem is that without passion and drive, you will never be able to reach your ultimate dreams. You must get over your feelings of apathy before you can ever hope to reach your ultimate goals.

Lack of Dreams and Vision

When your life suffers from apathy, it is not just your ability to reach your dreams that suffers – your ability to dream is also affected. Apathy makes people stop having goals in life, because when you do not feel like you have the ability to reach them, why bother creating them? The truth is that YOU are your greatest enemy when it comes to reaching your goals. Luckily, you are the person that can help reach them. All you need to do is take the steps necessary to discover your values, figure out your core dreams and vision, and allow yourself to have faith that you will reach your dreams in life.


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When you are ready to commit to action and perform the necessary steps towards reaching your dreams, you will find that there is nothing that will stand in your way. That is where a life coach can help you. A life coach acts as a partner throughout your day; one that will help act as a mentor, a friend, and a motivator towards the realization of each of your dreams.
  • Allow Hope to Grow!
    Your first step is to let yourself have hope. Without hope, apathy will continue to take control of you. You CAN achieve your goals, but you need to allow hope to grow inside you. Hope breeds energy, and that energy allows you to look to the future – to see what you can become if you are willing to let yourself see the future and all that is obtainable.
  • Get a Positive Outlook!
    Imagine how great the world can be if you are ready to shed your negativity and see all of the great things there are in this world. A positive outlook will have you seeing all of the things that you can achieve. It will let you feel the joys of life and ignore the trivial roadblocks that may occasionally get in your way. Positive outlooks are powerful, because positivity breeds positivity around you, leading to you reaching your goals.
  • Be Passionate and Inspired!
    Passion is defined as an irrational but irresistible motive for a belief or action. Passionate and inspiration allow you to discover more goals and maintain your mental, physical, and spiritual energy towards ultimately reaching your goals. Passion and inspiration are at the core of who we are as human beings. Passion not only leads to a more fulfilling life but also helps you continue moving forward towards your desires until what you wish to have become yours.
  • Believing in Yourself!
    You CAN do it. But believing you can do it takes work. It’s easy to give up as though the world is out to get you, but when you believe in yourself, you will have all the power you need to get yourself closer to your vision. There really is nothing stopping you. Your life is not a series of events not in your control. Your life is YOUR life, and by believing in yourself, you will be able to feel what it’s like KNOWING that you will reach your dreams in life.
  • Dreaming Bigger!
    You can reach all of your dreams – so why stop at just your dreams? Why not dream bigger? Why not dream more? When you uncover what’s inside you that drives you and helps put you on the path towards achieving your goals, set your sights further – let nothing hold you back. Your dreams set who you are and help you find what you wish to be in life. Let yourself have hope for even greater dreams, and you will find that there is nothing you can’t achieve.
  • Understand Your Core Values!
    What do you need to reach your goals? You need to uncover your core values. You need to find what is truly and deeply meaningful to you. Often, we set goals that are based on things that aren’t truly our dreams and aren’t truly what we need at the core of our being. So, of course we give up on those goals, because they don’t truly drive us. How can you maintain passion for something you do not truly want? Your core values are different. When you uncover your core values, you will be able to keep and maintain your desire to reach your vision, because these are going to be the things that you truly value.
  • Creating a New Vision!
    Once you have uncovered your core values, you will be able to start moving towards them. You will be able to create the vision that inspires you to look to the future and see what you can accomplish. You will be able to help lay out the plan to reach it and continue working towards it until you reach each goal you have now, and all the goals you have in the future.
  • Avoid Obstacles and Let Nothing Stand in Your Way!
    You have inside you what you need to achieve success, but no one is denying that there are obstacles ahead of you. The key is to find out what those obstacles will be so that you can plan for each issue, act accordingly, and continue moving forward. 

Creating a Plan for Success!

  • Life coaches are there to help you create a plan that will help you achieve success. With a life coach, you can discover your true core values and put yourself on a path to success. You will be able to make a plan that will help you move forward, avoiding obstacles and putting yourself on a path that will ultimately achieve success.
  • Committing to Action!
    Commitment is important, but it can also be tough at first. Believing in yourself is a new feeling, and motivating yourself to move forward is a new experience. It’s easy to see how, without the right partner to work with you, it can be hard to keep yourself on the right track. Working with a coach allows you to continue down the right path because a coach will keep you accountable, moving forward with you to ensure that you are making the right decisions and always working towards your dreams.
  • Embracing New Positive Perspectives!
    Life coaches are always there to help you see the positives in life. When something new comes your way that causes you to
    reconsider your path, it is natural to look for the negatives and focus on what you don’t like. But a life coach helps you realize that there are good things everywhere. You will be able to keep and maintain a positive perspective that will allow you to continue seeing all of the abundance you have in life.
  • Revise Your Goals Along the Way!
    As you continue down your path, you may find that things arise that make you want to go a different route. Goals change. You get older, you find new loves, you get new passions – you find that there are new visions and new dreams and things that you want to accomplish more than you ever did before. And when they do, a life coach will help work with you to revise your goals and find the path that represents you true vision.

See the Change in Yourself Over Time

As time progresses, you’ll see what working towards your dreams can help you accomplish. You will feel the rewards and abundance every step of the way. As you find the exhilaration that comes from working towards your dreams you will have a new found faith in yourself that you never had before. You will have hope again, and that hope will lead you to even greater achievements than you had before.

Every day you will continue to build character and faith in yourself. You will quickly get in touch with your own unique values and find what it is that really drives you. As you continue to discover your values and principles, you will continue down a process that will guarantee you sustained and everlasting joy and contentment.

Finding out these values and principles is an ongoing and always fulfilling process that will have you reaching new and amazing heights in your life. As you continue to feel alive and empowered, you will continue to experience more and more victories – reaching more and more goals, and discovering new dreams and adventures that you can set out for yourself.

Discovering Your Dreams

However, before you can begin accomplishing everything you set out for yourself, you must first discover what your life’s dreams really are. You need to sit and think about what is really important to you and what it is you hope to be like in the future.

That is why we have created the Dream in Life Wheel. Using this unique and interactive dream finding program, you will be able to start working towards discovering the dreams that are truly important to you. Over time, you will begin to parcel out the values and principles that you most closely associate with your life, and use those principles to reach your dreams and find true abundance in life.

When you were a child, you had your own dreams and desires. You had things you wanted to accomplish and a person you wished you could be. Over time you lost that childlike hope, as the weight of the world caused you to become cynical and jaded to what is around you.

It is time to regain that childhood hope again. You can achieve your dreams. You will achieve your dreams. But before you can do so, you need to be ready and willing to let yourself work towards uncovering and accomplishing what is important to you.

Try out the Dreams in Life Wheel today. The wheel will help you figure out where you are going and what you hope to accomplish. Then, once you’re done, contact me today and I’ll show you what it takes to truly match your greatest desires.


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