In the world, you will have tribulation but be of good cheer

I am sure everyone can relate to times in life where the obstacles seemed too overwhelming. Life is full of turmoil and tribulation. Life has ups, downs and sideways. In today’s Column, I aspire to give you hope that there is joy in the midst of hardships. There is a point where you can retrieve hope and happiness even with the burden that you may be going through. Always know that behind the angry clouds that we see is a beaming sun that will pierce the darkness and shine through.

Focusing on the trouble causes us to lose our joy

Often times, when trouble comes, our natural tendency is to focus on ourselves and the problem. As a result, we develop a survival mentality rather than an overcoming mentality. The overcoming mentality is what leads to spiritual growth and maturity in the Lord as well as success in our lives.

Struggles and hardships sift out the impurities in our lives

It is a vision that sustains us in the midst of life’s hardships because it gives us the ability to see beyond that which is taking place in our lives momentarily. Let’s put this to the test. I recall some trials that I was going through when I moved to Toronto a few years ago. I was pursuing my girlfriend (who is now my wife) and I knew that the best if not only way that I could really court her is if I packed up from my home in Saskatoon and moved to Toronto. It was absurd to me in many ways. I had an established career, a great family, a successful business, network or friends, sports, etc. I liked my life in Saskatoon. In ways, I had fear and making that choice presented many emotions.

However, I did choose to see the joy in the midst of this hardship. I choose to look at the adventure and excitement of courting my wife in a new environment. I embraced new relationships, new opportunities in finding employment and exploring the grand city of Toronto. Alas, I was only able to catch one Maple Leaf game live, but I did manage to watch a few Blue Jays Baseball games. There were times where I still felt out of my league and but the adventure kept me joyful and hopeful in the present and that presented well in my future. Now I look back and I see the benefits of choosing the adventure of moving to Toronto with no regrets and a big smile.:) At the beginning before I moved to Toronto I did not have the vision to see through the hardships at the moment. However, as I continued my journey I found great refining in my life as I embraced the change that was taking place. Maybe you have a story that you can relate where you’ve been refined as you’ve gone through trials.

This Week’s Reflect and Apply

I shared a story of how I found joy in the midst of a trial. There are thousands of different turbulence that we face in our earthly lives. We are born to have some suffering in life. Unfortunately, we will find hardships with family, jobs, finances, death, raising children, abuses, habits, anxiety, illness and much more. The main thrust of this message is not for you to dwell on your current or past trials it is to encourage you with the hope that you can have joy in the midst of those trials. That doesn’t mean we’ll be jumping with gladness inside and it doesn’t mean you’ll be darting for the sun when we suffer a setback. However, it does mean that there are hope and gladness to be found in even the most grieving times. Today take a moment to reflect on the word joy and ask yourself what it means to you. How can you take this meaning and apply it the next time you’re in the midst of a trial? I hope this message is an encouragement to you.

Scott is the owner and principle certified professional coach with Abundance in Life Coaching. Scott’s Coaching company helps people understand what is truly important to them so that they can reach personal breakthroughs, helping them once again become passionate about their life and stop feeling stuck. Scott loves family life as he is happily married and has 2 boys. His eldest is 20 months old and his youngest is only 1 month new. Scott CTM and has been a member of Early Risers Toastmasters for 9 years. Scott is passionate about dreaming and in seeing people take risks and action towards their goals in life.

Live with Passion and Have Abundance in Life

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