Sometimes we get stuck in life and we find it hard to be joyful.

Let’s face it the realities of life are often difficult at best. We often find ourselves in the midst of undesirable circumstances and struggles with family, jobs, finances, relationships and more. These trials can cloud our perspectives and mold our attitudes in negative ways. Yet how do some people who seem to experience more than their share of hardship also seem to be joyful and happy?

How can you find joy in the journey?

There is no easy fix or remedy to finding joy in life. If you asked 100 people if they would prefer to have more joy in their life I’m sure that you would find that all 100 people would say “Yes.” If you then asked those same 100 people how they could find more joy in life I’m sure you would find a variety of different answers. Many of these answers would be valid and they would ultimately aid in helping them find more joy in life. However, some people in this poll would most likely believe that having more money, stuff, a better family or job would bring them more joy. It is true that there would be more joy with these things but is it lasting joy?

I love the saying “dance like nobody’s watching!”

In fact, many of my close friends know this about me because they hear me say it often. Over the past decade, I’ve often signed off on my message machine saying “dance like nobody’s watching!” There’s something refreshing about living life with the knowledge that we can dancing without shame. no matter how uncoordinated our steps are as we dance. I challenge you to dancing in life with joy and glee and forget what people think of you or how you may look, just focus on how it makes you feel.

Finding more joy in everyday life!

These weeks reflect and apply is very simple. If you want to find more joy in everyday life then take a minute to think about your circumstances and look at ways you can change your attitude and embrace your situations with joy. Come Back Next week for an exciting Second Part to this inspiring topic.

Scott is a Certified Professional Coach and the President of Abundance Coaching. Scott can help you follow your bliss and get more purpose in life. Scott’s passion is to help people discover what they value the most and live it. He has a fun, enlightening and unique program which includes games and personal coaching around your Core Values.

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