How Does Emotions Affect Your Behavior And Relationships?

emotions emotions affect behavior emotions and behavior emotions and health emotions impact organisational behaviour Jun 07, 2019

Our behaviour is directly affected by our emotions, so in order to rule our behaviour, we must control our reactions. Ruling our spirit is not always easy because it is what we really are. Everything that we hear, see, smell, taste or touch is entered into our mind. It analyzes the situations and recommends a response. We then decide to react or respond, affecting our emotions and in the end our behaviour. Ruling your emotions means deciding to discipline or manage your responses.

Emotions Affect Behavior

Emotions are good and necessary for our daily life; they energize our convictions and actions. Apply it to what you know you should do anyway: love others, spend good quality time with your family, tell the truth and be transparent. Emotion is like gasoline, so don’t start your trip in life without a tank full. They will energize you for great achievements.

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