Do you have problems making yourself heard at work? Do you feel uncomfortable at the thought of confronting a co-worker, or asking for help with a task? If you disagree with a friends behavior or something they said, do you generally stay quiet to avoid confrontation?

You are not the only one. Many people have a fear of being rejected or reacted to negatively, and this is what stops them from giving their opinions or confronting inappropriate behavior. This is a natural reaction to something that is perceived as a threat, but as most workplaces or social situations are not life-threatening, it is important to find a better way to handle them.

What You Need To Do

What you need is a life coach. A life coach is someone who will help you on the journey to becoming the best version of yourself. They will draw out the inner confident you that you have always wanted to be, and you can live the life you deserve to live. At Abundance Coaching, we strive to help our clients be their amazing, authentic selves. There’s no gimmick and no catch. Let us help you find the strength in your voice, the courage in your heart, and the light in your soul. We will teach you how to make every situation an opportunity to improve, starting with those small everyday interactions between and you and colleagues or friends.

Most people deal with these situations by listening to that little voice in the back of your mind that is operated by fear. This voice will invent a scenario where the person who you want to speak to immediately becomes angry, or mean, or tries to humiliate you in some way. This is not an honest voice, and it is not a voice you should be listening to.

What you need to do is create your voice and drown out the voice of fear. Say in your mind, with confidence: What I have to say is important to me, and I will feel much better when I get it off of my chest. Or: If I am honest and speak with kindness in mind, they will not react with anger or rejection, even if they do not agree with me. 

Don’t Avoid

By avoiding these kinds of confrontations, it will only lead to a situation where tensions start to build, and you may find these tensions overflow all at once and you become very angry with a friend or colleague. From their perspective, they will find it very hard to understand why you are so angry or frustrated. That is why it is important to deal with these things as they come. If you are still uncertain about sharing your opinion, start by asking some questions. This will give you an insight into the other person’s way of thinking, and it will seem much less confrontational.

At Abundance Coaching, we will help you find the confidence to take on these confrontations with all of your positive energy. If you are looking for a Sydney life coach, then Abundance Coaching is right where you need us. Contact us today and start your journey to becoming your amazing, authentic self.