I had the opportunity to travel to the sand dunes at Stockton beach with my good friend Shawn Wall about 2 weeks ago and when I arrived I was in amazement. Lately I have been bringing my video camera and wireless lapel microphone every time I go anywhere because the scenery is remarkable here in Australia, the landscape is constantly inspiring me with new illustrations that are useful in life. Stay tuned for some of my inspiring mountain and ocean videos in later emails.

So, when I arrived at the sand dunes I decided to take a long walk into the heart of the I spent some time appreciating them. I witnessed the sand as it blew through the area and shifted all around me. I held some sand and then dropped it only to see it travel meters as the wind took it and dispersed it into the landscape. Then my analogy came to me. This video is for anyone who feels that they feel they are walking through a desert in one area or more in their life. Watch this inspiring and evocative video.


Sometimes when I coach people they describe to me how they feel that they’re just going where the wind blows. They are just being led by other people and they are influenced by other people and other things. It’s easy to understand why because we are all looking for acceptance and belonging and we want to feel like we’re needed. It is sometimes easy to find our purpose in other people’s values and we find that in life people feel like they’re just going where the wind blows.

In life, there are a few important times where people question what life is really all about, and they ask themselves important questions about where they’re going, who what matters to them or what their purpose is. They start feeling their age, and they stop feeling so invisible and because we have this craving inside to fit in and belong and do something bigger than our self. But sometimes because of our cravings, we adopt other people’s values and sometimes other people’s values and beliefs are good and sometimes they’re not. The problem is that sometimes we don’t assess where we are and how we’re adopting other people’s values and beliefs and because of that, we feel like we are like shifting sand. If any of this sounds familiar, then I encourage you to check out my Lessons from the Sand Dunes video to find out how you can move from feeling like you’re going where the wind blows. I will share the powerful questions that you need to ask yourself to shift positively in life.