You Were Created a Winner

At the time of writing this, Dec 4, 2013, my wife is 9 months and 3 days pregnant and I can see and feel my child move around in its mother’s womb. I mean I will be a Dad again any moment now! Wow! Over the last few nights as I have wondered what this babe looks like I am in amazement at what this child teaches me about life.

– This child is so worthy no matter how it looks or moves or sounds.

– This is our child and we have been blessed to be its parents.

– This child has been lavished with immediate love from myself and its mother even before its actual birth date.

– This child is also created by its maker with love and worthiness. I share this with you because you were also complete in your worthiness even when you were unborn in your mother’s womb.

When you were a baby every part of you was so fragile but so worthy. Then when you were grew a little older and you started to crawl and experiment with taste and touch you were still so worthy and perfect. Somewhere between then and now you have created complex belief systems in your sub conscience mind. But today is your day! Because you have a gift and it’s been waiting for you to open it up! It is a gift of worthiness! Believe it and embrace it.

You were a winner from the moment of conception when you beat out millions of other sperms to reach the grand prize. As an infant you continued your winning ways by experiencing life to the fullest through exploration, new adventures, taste, touch, sound and more. You went out on faith and trusted that you would be ok. You relentlessly pursued your favorite toy and you chased after anything you wanted to have. You grew up a winner and you were driven towards achieving incredible success. But then something happened.

The one thing that stands in your way.

What happened is that you started believing. You started believing in lies that were never manifested as reality when you were a small child. You believed that somehow you weren’t good enough, you didn’t measure up. You believed that if you stepped out on faith you would fail. Somehow you lost your sense of exploration and adventure and you replaced your wonder with logic. You compromised your faith and worried about life. You resisted pursuing the most important things in life because you had fear. You believed that winning was only a ‘maybe thing.’ You started believing that things weren’t worth the effort. You may have even stopped believing in hope. You need to find out how to believe in yourself again.

These conflicting beliefs cause you tension because deep down you know that you were created with an empowering identity and self-worth but you’re not living in the fullness of it. Our beliefs are created from ourselves and we don’t realize that they’re in our subconscious mind so we don’t realize how these beliefs affect us. These limiting beliefs can stop us from being all that we can be.

We struggle with believing because we haven’t experienced it yet.

How to Raise your Self Belief Let’s go deeper into experience. If you did a quick look through any Thesaurus you would find that ‘experience’ is close in meaning to: understanding, skill, practise, know-how and knowledge. Sometimes all that’s stopping us from believing is the experience of the truth that it exists. But what we don’t do is push ourselves to find ways to make the experience a reality in our mind before we begin.

Experience is important in life. Gaining understanding and skill, knowledge and expertise in anything heighten our belief in ourselves and in anything in life. It is also important to acknowledge that just because you haven’t experienced something that it can still be very real to attain it.

The number one belief that can stop you.

I am a Life Coach in Sydney Australia and before I moved Here I was a Life Coach in Canada. In both countries as well as my clients from around the world I see one belief that stops incredible people from living their dreams. I see people who have developed a sense of unworthiness. This belief of unworthiness is usually masked and under the surface. My clients are usually highly driven people that want to reach high levels of success but this one thing is blocking them. Of course there are other qualities that block people from achievement like self-doubt, pride, fear of not being loved, rejection and more. We replay the tape in our head about our experiences and our limiting beliefs over and over. We accept what we are capable of achieving based on the level of belief that we have in ourselves. You need to raise your self-belief!
You are worthy!

From a young age we have developed ideas and beliefs about our life that aren’t necessarily true. These beliefs are formed because of what our parents, peers, society, the media etc. have programed into our minds. You no longer have to believe in the old story. You are worthy. You were born worthy of great things. Most likely you can think of a time where you achieved more than you thought you could by just going out and doing it. This is a sign that you are worthy.

Visualising your way to success.

Successful people in history have conquered the power of their minds to visualise things that they don’t have as if they do have them. There are many visualisations that I do as a coach. I see myself walking across the stage as the Toastmasters International World Champion of Public Speaking and I can see myself shaking the hand of the presenter as if it’s real. For me, mastering public speaking is important. If you have read this far you are someone who values your personal growth and you have a big dream inside of you. If that dream is to become a reality then start visualizing it. When you visualise your dream use all of your senses. See yourself achieving it, feel the feelings of accomplishing it and see that which is not as if it is. The brain is a powerful muscle that needs to be exercised and stretched otherwise it will default back to a mediocre state. If you want to achieve your dreams in life you need to vision and then take action on that vision. When you get setbacks your brain will default back to the new programming that you have told it. If you have a dreams and aspirations in life then start by visualising it and believing it to see it. But all of this visualising and beliving is in vane unless we see ourselves like the unborn child. Perfect in every way, created wonderfully and completely worthy. When you become aware of your worthiness is when you can embrace your amazing God Given potential and life purpose.