You Will Experience Complete and Total Contentment When You Realize That It’s Life, Not Money, That is the Source of True Abundance in the World.

When you think of the word wealth, the first thing that comes to mind is money. Wealth is defined as the act of having abundance in something. Yet, there is nothing that specifically defines wealth as money. Wealth is simply abundance – the act of having a lot of something. You can have a wealth of skill, a wealth of friends – and yet for some reason we associate our abundance only with money.

Having money is nice. It can buy you things that you need and help reduce financial stresses, but how happy does it really make you?

Material Things Do Not Create Long Lasting Happiness

Let’s say you are out at a store, and you see a TV or a dress or a camera that you really want. You want it badly. You know it will make you happy. You check your bank account balance and find that you can afford it.

You are so happy, you know that you want this item, and you have the money to afford it. You bring it up to the counter, ring it up, and bring it home.

For a while, it does make you happy. Very happy. You turn on the TV or put on the dress or take photos with the camera and you find that it is everything you wanted. It was a good purchase and you have no regrets.

Then one month later, it starts to become less special. You see another TV that is bigger or another dress you like, or you find that you aren’t taking as many photos as you thought you would or that you would like to try out a new lens. Suddenly you need something else. A NEW dress or a NEW TV or a NEW camera. You find that you need to buy something else to make you happy again.

The happiness you received from your money was fleeting. It made you happy only temporarily. Buying new clothes or new technology is a lot of fun. While the item is new, you are happy. Then you need more, because the old item doesn’t bring you as much happiness.

It may sometimes feel that what you need is more money. If you have more money, you can buy anything else that you need so that you can keep experiencing that temporary happiness. But what you’ll find is that every time the joy becomes less, the happiness becomes even more temporary, soon that abundance will give you nothing more than a momentary smile.

Quality of Life and Financial Abundance

Don’t believe it? There are scientific studies that prove that quality of life does not increase with money. In fact, a study at Princeton says that people did not report any more happiness after making more than $75,000 per year!

Happiness is important. Happiness is the key to life. And yet money is not the source of happiness. It makes you temporarily happy, but not happy in the long term. You DESERVE to live a life of happiness. But to find it, you need to understand what it truly takes to make you happy.