Business coaching programs help business leaders at all levels of an organisation develop the right mindset, capabilities and skills necessary to excel. Our approach will ensure that people have practical and meaningful learning experiences which will translate positively back to their workplace. We will work effectively within your learning and leadership framework to deliver custom services that best suit the developmental needs of your leadership. Programs are normally taught in-house to groups of leaders

The following are our most sought after programs:

Coaching Skills for Leaders

This program includes a coaching skills series that is specifically customised for different professionals, different levels of seniority and different organisational frameworks. Each program focuses on primary coaching skills, but with varied scenarios and frameworks to suit different needs.

Effective Workplace Conversations

This program empowers participants with the right set of skills and tools necessary to have conversations that will bear positive outcomes while preserving relationships. These conversations will include conversations for influence, conversations for providing and receiving feedback, and performance conversations.

Working With Teams

Abundance coaching Sydney offers several tailored programs to increase effectiveness in teams. Whether it is for understanding the attributes of self and other team members, or understanding the different stages of team development as well as the implications of the way the team works, Abundance Coaching can assist.

Custom Programs

Knowing and acknowledging what your leaders need at this time is very crucial to getting your return on investment. Program participants will be taken through a thoroughly customised program that is tailor-made for your business and people’s needs.


While Abundance Coaching provides personalised mentoring programs, we are mostly engaged by our different clients to train their leaders and managers within their organisations to become effective mentors.

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence is the ability to realise an emotional state, this will be your own and for others, and incorporate it into personal and workplace relationships. Research study indicates that emotional intelligence is what determines successful workplace leaders and less successful ones.

In this well connected organizational framework, we at Abundance Coaching focus our leadership development on forging reciprocal relationships inside an extended network in order to achieve our strategic objectives. This allows for a more distributed and systematic form of leadership—something agile organisations need.

We understand that you want to entice and retain your most talented workforce members. When you engage us, you’ll have a partner. Immaculate integrity is our fundamental principle. We care for our clients and we always honour our word, to be trustworthy and be liberal with our time. We’ll personally work with you to ensure tailored leadership development services which will groom fine leaders from your organisation.

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