When I was in grade 3 or 4 I had a traumatic experience. I was in a class full of competitive and aggressive boys in my home town of Laird Saskatchewan Canada. Most recess or lunch breaks in winter we would get our snow gear on and play games in the snow. One game that we loved playing was ‘King of the Castle.’ You know this game. You try to be the only one on top of the snow hill and you push everyone down that’s trying to take your place. It was a good fun boy game.

This one day however it turned into king of the dog pile. All was good at first as the boys and I would wrestle each other to the ground until it got more competitive.

You see when I was 8 years old I was a small kid – it took until grade 10 until I really hit my growth spurt. Being one of the smallest kids I was the first on the snow and I remember the fright as more and more boys piled on top of me. I was crushed, unable to move, I couldn’t see and I could hardly breathe. I recall the panic but I had NO WAY OUT!

I still remember some of the boys on top of me crying out for the ones on top to stop but they didn’t stop. The dog pile got bigger and bigger and it seemed like forever until it was finally over. From that day forward I ran away from tight places but 2 days ago something amazing happened.

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Here are 5 STEPS that you can take to overcome your fears. Now, these steps are best to go through with your coach and in written form they are quite simple. Try these steps and if you need to accelerate overcoming your fear Click Here free session with me and I will coach you.

Step 1) Acknowledge the Fear

You need to go back to the fear and acknowledge it. If you only avoid your fear or pay a cycle of how it’s caused you pain you will never overcome it. In this step you bring yourself back to the place where the fear has held you hostage.

Step 2) Make your Intention Known

This is where you can start to do ‘Breakthrough Work’ on your fear. This advanced coaching strategy is best done with a trained coach. Transformation Expert Ted McGrath has coached me on how to do ‘Breakthrough Work.’ and it is an coaching art that that is custom to each client. However you can continue by doing the following. Tell the fear “Fear, I am an over-comer and I am more powerful than you are!” Acknowledge your intention to “overcome your fear and that you have risen above it.”

Step 3) Having Positive Associations and Emotional Safety

Fear is something that we all have at varying levels. We fear our potential selves, we fear being loved, we fear taking risks, we fear traumatic experiences, we fear failure, we even fear being successful and more. The next thing you can do is attach a positive association to the fear. One way you can do this is by associating a colour and a shape that are empowering for you. What is the colour that is empowering? What is the shape that is empowering? Now you can close your eyes and say “I am now going to be free from this fear.” say it with your heart and the colour and the shape. Now you can bring this emotional power and freedom through your body – to your arms, through your eyes, your finger tips and more.

Step 4) Detachment from the fear

You need to stop being hijacked by physical fear and loss and you’re not able to function. Now you can dissociate from the intensity of that emotion. We can detach ourselves from the intensity of that emotion. By getting more detached from the fear you can have more composure and make wise decisions. One way of detaching from your fear is to visualize yourself looking at yourself in the 3rd person watching yourself conquering your fear. Watch yourself with the full empowerment of the colour and shape that you choose in Step 3.

Step 5) You are in Control of your Fear

You float out of your body and you see yourself sitting there and you’re not crying – you see yourself outside of yourself. You watch yourself watch yourself watch the thing. Watch yourself watch the situation. Watch it go through and go through fast. Feel God’s grace while breakthrough it’s happening. We feel like we’re slaves to our story, in our minds eye.

Know that you are in control of your own story. You are in control and you can replay the story of your life. You can modify and control the story of your life and you can decide how it will play back in your life. You have the power, you have the spirit to overcome the story. As you’re in the place of control of your story you now have the power to make the story a positive one.

As your coach at this time I would get you to visualize meeting your younger self and bring in the power of you speaking empowerment and truth and warning to your younger self. If you’re trying this on your own you can visualize yourself at the point where you had your biggest fear and encourage and support and bring wise counsel to your younger self. Imagine that God is right there with you as you speak over yourself. As the bible says Lord you have not given me a spirit of hear but of power and love and a sound mind.’ Now where in His word does God want you to live in fear. Through Him you can conquer anything.

I sincerely hope this post was useful for you in helping you overcome your fears! You are amazing!

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