We are in this world for a reason. We have a purpose, a destiny or a calling. Usually, we can become aware of exactly what that is. Some of us turn to business, others to art, while many decide that their purpose in life is related to a career in helping people.

These realizations can occur earlier or later in life. Sometimes, they can come as a surprise, especially for people who have already been working in something else. The moment when you realize that you are not following your calling, but instead you are stuck doing something else can be a startling one. After all, if something is our destiny, that is what we should be doing.

Kelly, now a professional coach, says the following: “I had realized coaching as a career was certainly my path, but I didn’t know anything about it.” He mentions he didn’t know about the industry or where he could be trained. His starting point was the realization of what was his destiny.

Why aren’t we all living our calling?

Most people know what they would like to do. Other have a vague idea. Some might say that they don’t know what their destiny is. However, even those in the first group often are not doing what they think is their calling. Why is that?

There are several reasons. Many people grew up in a restricted environment, where their parents and families decided what they would do in life. Some families put a lot of pressure on the children, not allowing certain things or the possibilities of certain careers and paths in life. They present life as a narrow path which the children must follow. For some people, it can be difficult to overcome these ideas that they learned early on. These people may not be used to listening to themselves or being aware of their own wishes and needs.

Others do know what they want to do, but have a lot of doubts. They may believe stereotypical ideas about something (“artists starve”) or about themselves in relation to those things (“I’m too old to start now”). Many people feel overwhelmed with self-doubt and lack of confidence. Others feel fear, something that is normal, but become too stuck in that fear to move on and start. Sometimes, there is a lack of knowledge on how to start, as it all feels very big.

Any of these obstacles can be overcome. Sometimes, what you need to do it is the support of someone who will guide you, push you and believe in you.

Finding the right kind of support!

A person who is on your side can make all the difference. Often, we don’t find the support we need with our families or friends, because they have certain fixed ideas about us and about the plans. These people may believe in us, but only when we are doing a certain thing.

To try something new, we need a different kind of support. We need someone who can challenge us, but also inspire confidence and support our plans. We need someone who can offer guidance in the emotional, spiritual and practical sense.

For this, coaching can be a great option. Here is what Kelly has to say about his experience: “Scott helped me stick with my training…Through his support and encouragement he helped me to see in me what I couldn’t see before. Now that I see it, it’s something I won’t ever take my eye off of it again.”

A coach is someone whose goal becomes to help you find your calling and live your destiny, instead of staying stuck in a job and a life that isn’t bringing you fulfillment and satisfaction. They will help you plan and learn. For instance, in Kelly’s case, Scott’s coaching involved help finding training to become a coach too, some “mentorship”, as he called it, and support in this endeavor. Coaching became a valuable experience through which he could find the right direction.

Coaching can guide you to your calling, and you can find it to be the best help against your doubts and negative ideas! You are inspired to live your destiny and calling? Do you need someone to believe in and push you? I have set some time aside for you and I to work together privately one-on-one to speak about you living your destiny and calling. If that interests you, then click here to get a free 25 – 45 minute Life Purpose Plan Session with myself (Scott) or Greg.

Scott Epp

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